Winter Driving Safety Tips

Driving Safety

Happy New Season from car accident lawyer Maryland!  With the holiday season over and the brand new Time here, vacationers struck the roads to come back to work and institution. Slippery road conditions and reflective areas make for an especially dangerous season on the road. To help keep you and your family member’s safe, we’ve think of a handy list of winter driving protection tips. Print out a backup and share with other drivers you know. And if a major accident should occur, please contact a car accident lawyer Maryland to discuss your options.

Winter driving protection tips:

Ensure your vehicle has winter auto tires:

Statistics show over a 50% decrease in motor vehicle injuries because of this of proper winter tires. Actually, in jurisdictions it is necessary to own winter tires equipped on your vehicle from Dec 15 to March 15. Even though many drivers consider all-season tires suffice throughout the wintertime, the rubber mixture these tires are constructed of becomes too stiff to effectively understand at about -10 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, winter wheels do not become stiff until they reach -40 certifications Celsius. Having less stiffness of the car tire ends up with more traction and better control in icy conditions.


Quickness is leading cause of fatal injuries. In poor weather conditions, excessive velocity can easily cause loss of vehicle control. On certain highways, driving the quickness limit can be hugely hazardous depending on weather. If in hesitation, slow down!

– Avoid using luxury cruise control in slippery conditions:

Luxury cruise control can be handy for long outings. However, on snow, snow or slush protected roads, luxury cruise control can create yet another and unnecessary hazard. When you hit an icy patch, you might not exactly have the perfect time to disengage your luxury cruise control and press the brakes. Otherwise, if you have a vehicle that automatically disengages sail control when pressing on the breaks, you might be lured to press the brakes too much, resulting in loss of vehicle control. Your very best bet to stay safe is keep the sail control off, and take your foot from the gas if you hit an icy patch.

Know how to get back control of your vehicle:

In the event you hit a slippery area and lose control of your vehicle, you may be lured to slam on the breaks. Do you realize this could lead to further lack of control? The very best practice is to come off of the gas, reduce your rate and steer into the skid by continuing to steer in to the path you want to go, while being careful not to over-steer. If you’re on snow or skidding in a direct series, step on the clutch pedal in a manual transmission car, or transfer the gear into neutral by using an automatic vehicle.

– Know when to get hold of a car accident lawyer Maryland:

When a major accident does occur, your concentrate will be on ensuring you and your family are safe and healthy. Contact car accident lawyer Maryland as soon as possible, and why don’t we take care of legal proceedings, while you focus on your recovery.

While these pointers may help to keep you safe, damages can and do still happen. If you or a loved one has been damaged in a car accident this winter, you may require legal assistance. If so, feel absolve to contact us. Each car accident lawyer Maryland has the expertise and knowledge to help you through your motor vehicle accident.

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